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Leaf & Lore products are hand-crafted in small batches with care and intention using the highest quality essential oils, vegetable oils, herbs and botanicals, butters, and other natural, plant-based ingredients. Our formulations are based on simple and effective traditional folk methods with aromatherapeutic considerations that aim to invoke a positive response toward personal betterment. In all that is shared here, we do so in keeping with the mantra:

“I am seeking, I am learning, I am ever-expanding."

Featured Essence: ROSEMARY

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I've never felt compelled to review a lip balm before, but holy cow! The Charming Tinted Herbal Balm is perfection. It's smooth and has just the right amount of scent. Highly recommend! 

Ann W.

Its not easy to express how much I love the products from Leaf and Lore. The Soothing lip balm is everything I need. And words can't express the enjoyment of showering with the luxurious Purifying soap.

Billy R.

I have been using Leaf & Lore Balancing Essential Oil Blend for over a year and there is not a day that goes by that I don't use it! I love my blends!

Monica F.