Earth Day - Mother's Day 2022

Earth Day - Mother's Day 2022

(Originally posted May 2022) 

Did you know that the first Earth Day was in 1970? It's considered the birth of the modern environmentalist movement. I was born in the early '70s, so it is interesting to think that this movement has been around my entire lifetime. Speaking of early '70's, take a look at the groovy photo below of my mom and me in my Maw-Maw's backyard in 1973. Like Maw-Maw before her, my mom is a plant lady. I’m nowhere near her level but I’m definitely getting better. One thing that I did inherit is an appreciation of plants. 

Me and my mom, 1973 

In honor of Earth Day, my husband and I visited Barataria Preserve, part of the Jean Lafitte National Park, just south of New Orleans, on a beautiful, sunny but pleasant Saturday. It's that time of the year when Louisiana gives you a morsel of spring before the brutal heat of summer makes the thought of walking through a swamp for fun a miserable proposition until at least October. 

Me, at the sign doing a less than ideal selfie job as always

While there, we saw a momma alligator with a few of her kiddos. Don’t worry - there was a park ranger right there with us. We saw many other swampy little creatures and I’m pretty sure the Rougarou shows up as soon it gets dark.

Mom Gator


Baby Gator 

I’ve heard people who have moved away from Louisiana say that they didn’t realize how green and lush Louisiana is until they came back. I think sometimes we take its beauty for granted. Like pretty much everything down here, Barataria is a stunning green canvas of God's artwork. Like pretty much everything down here, Barataria Preserve is going to be fully underwater quick if sea levels keep rising


You might be thinking, "Why is she blogging about this? What does this have to do with her business?" In business terms, Leaf and Lore's only got one location and it's on planet Earth. Additionally, Earth is Leaf and Lore's number one supplier; it's where Leaf and Lore gets all its raw materials for every product. Please do what you can to help. The Earth is the momma (and Maw-Maw) to me and you, all y'all too. We need to give her the respect we give our human mothers on Mother’s Day and every day.

Happy Earth/Mother's Day! 




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