Everybody Loves Lavender

Everybody Loves Lavender

Take a minute to chill...

One of most popular essential oils due to its pleasant aroma and versatility, lavender is known to help relieve stress and situational anxiety. Ancient Romans used lavender flowers in their baths, hence the name “lavender” which comes from the Latin word for wash, “lavare.” Ancient Greeks and Persians also bathed with lavender as well as used it in rituals to their deities. Lavender is associated with spiritual love and is thought to induce peacefulness.

Traditional Chinese medicine holds that lavender is good for movement of Qi, the life force, out of emotional stagnation. It can help move the body from a state of irritability and frustration to balance. Additionally, the spirit of consciousness, the Shen, is calmed by lavender, allowing us to make better decisions.

In addition to its calming effects on the mind, lavender is believed to have positive effects on the skin. Herbalists have long used lavender oil to treat mild skin ailments such as small cuts, insect bites, and burns. 

 The LORE of lavender contends that it:

  • Helps reduce stress reactions
  • Sedates, softens, eases, balances
  • Brings out a person’s gentler side
  • Instills a sense of assurance and contentment

Because of lavender’s effectiveness and versatility, it is a component of many of LEAF AND LORE’s products, including all four Essential Oil Blends. However, lavender takes the primary role in three products, CALMING Essential Oil, RELAXING All Natural Soap, and MELLOWING Herbal Balm. These three are shown in the pic at the top. 

Give someone the gift of chill with a gift box set of these three great products! 

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Be wise like Athena and practice self-care. Get something for yourself and let lavender work its magic on you! 

 RELAXING All Natural Soap Athena



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