Father's Day

Father's Day

(Originally posted June 2022)

A few years ago, I sent my dad a plastic bird-deterrent owl with glowing eyes for his garden for Father’s Day. Below, on the left side is a pic of what he sent me to let me know he got it (I cropped out the TV and extra lighting on the right side). 😊 Looking back, it’s actually pretty funny now. This was way before I knew anything about Leaf and Lore and chose Athena the Owl as the Leaf and Lore mascot! 

My dad has been blessed to be able to get, for the most part, things he likes. Golf stuff, fishing stuff, sports stuff, hunting stuff, yard stuff, and kitchen gadgets - he's already got so many things. Since I’ve already exhausted the Scare-Bird Owl options, I need new options. Luckily, I have the perfect gift picked out – Leaf and Lore All Natural Soaps. Although any of the soaps would be perfect for any person with skin, I think he will love GROUNDING because of its rich and woody tones; the blend of Vetiver, Orange, and Cedarwood really come together to create a unique scent.

All dads need soap, though. Maybe your dad needs the brightness of AWAKENING or the softness of LOVING. If your dad has a teen in the house or if he drives in Baton Rouge traffic, he needs RELAXING.  

Give your dad something he will actually use, not just another tie….get him a Scare-Bird Owl. Just kidding, get him Leaf and Lore All Natural Soaps.

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