Collection: Essential Oil Blends

Essential Oil Blends

Combinations of high-quality essential oils with soft carrier oils; blends specifically designed to help alleviate certain conditions.    

Perfume Oils

Blends of high-quality essential and carrier oils created to express a unique scent that is soft and subtle. 

Since our Perfume Oils are all natural and do not contain alcohol, they are generally much milder than store-bought perfume. By customer request, our Perfume Oils were created based on the popular aromatic blends found in our All Natural Soaps LOVING and GROUNDING

Essential Oil Blends

"I always like to support local businesses, so I was thrilled to hear about Leaf and Lore! Their small-batch products are crafted with care and are even better than described. My current faves are “Relaxing” (lavender and sage) and “Loving” (bergamot, cypress, and rose). Great for gifts, too (especially for yourself!). Highly recommend!" -Gail S.