Collection: E-Gift Card & Gift Boxes

Don't know what to get someone? A Leaf and Lore e-gift card is perfect for anyone who could use a little more self-care. 

Need to get someone a gift but don't feel like shopping for a box or bag plus filling plus wrapping paper? Leaf and Lore Gift Boxes take care of that for you! 

Looking for mini-soaps? They've been moved! Find them in the All Natural Soaps & Scrubs collection. 

E-Gift Card & Gift Boxes

"I always like to support local businesses, so I was thrilled to hear about Leaf and Lore! Their small-batch products are crafted with care and are even better than described. My current faves are “Relaxing” (lavender and sage) and “Loving” (bergamot, cypress, and rose). Great for gifts, too (especially for yourself!). Highly recommend!" -Gail S.