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Hi friends! Jodi James here. Thanks so much for taking the time to sift through these pages.

Never did I dream I’d be on this path of owning and operating a natural products business. Music has always been at the forefront of my professional endeavors, and while it does occupy a great lot of what I believe to be my purpose, I can say assuredly that a fair share lies here as well. Leaf and Lore just sort of happened. And the means by which I arrived here were equal parts desperation and curiosity. According to everyone I’d encountered in the healthcare system, I was “fine." But I knew my body better than they did and I slowly began to trust more in that. Feeling like you’re at the mercy of medical professionals that aren’t truly listening will send most in search of their own answers. In some aspects I’d been inclined toward the notion of “self-care” but not until it became the only option to getting my life back did I begin to dig as deep as I could. The more I expanded with knowledge and putting what I’d learned into practice, there began a slow ascent to being better than “fine.”

The idea of Leaf and Lore is to integrate the aspects of the physical plant with that of its invaluable folk wisdom. The generations who came before had a much closer relationship to the natural elements of our earth, and with what is shared here, there are hopes of inspiring a return towards that symbiosis. Wellness is a solo journey. And the intention behind these products are to spark a curiosity towards your own.