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Leaf and Lore

Gift Box Set - GROUNDING

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Add Leaf and Lore’s GROUNDING Gift Box for a surprise they'll love. This delightful set is perfect for anyone needing more tranquility in their life. The GROUNDING Soap and GROUNDING Perfume Oil are both made with a rich, earthy blend of essential oils that is soothing and comforting. The MELLOWING Herbal Balm (non-tinted) moisturizes skin and encourages a sense of calmness. This charming Gift Box is sure to bring a smile to any recipient!   

Included in the set:   

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Comes packaged in a kraft scalloped-edge box with black crinkle paper inside and tied with a black ribbon. Also includes a scalloped gift tag attached with black jute twine (not shown in pictures).    


Dimensions of box and associated items:

Kraft Flower Edge Box - 5-3/4" X 5-3/4" X 3" (Length is the widest dimension of the opening into the box. Width is the smallest dimension of the opening into the box. Depth is the distance into the box from the opening to the bottom of the box.)

Black Shredded Crinkle Paper - approximately 1 - 1.5 oz 

Black Ribbon -approximately 20" 

Kraft Scalloped Gift Tag (not shown) - 2.35" in diameter

Black Natural Jute Twine String  (not shown) - approximately 6"