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Scarf: Organic Tie Dyed Cotton (4 colors available)

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Handcrafted by artisan communities in India, this lovely organic cotton scarf is dyed by hand with 100% eco-friendly organic vegetable dyes. Because it is made of breathable organic cotton, the scarf is lightweight, soft, and comfortable and is perfect for use as a fashion accessory without being too heavy. Those with allergies or chemical sensitivity may benefit from organic cotton, as conventional cotton may retain irritants and harmful residues. This piece is crafted through the ancient art of Ayurvedic dyeing which involves coloring fabric through use of medicinally-rich plants which encourage wellness as well as provide hue.  

Because of its delicate nature, this scarf require a little love and TLC. Handwash in cold water using organic detergent. 

Size: 19 inches x 74 inches