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Smudging Bundles: Assorted Sage - Seven Bundles (4"each)

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Give the gift of spiritual clearing with this colorful assortment of bundles. White Sage has a rich and strong aromatic scent which cleanses negative energies and opens the space for attracting positive vibrations. 

Product contains seven assorted White Sage smudging bundles, approximately 4" each, as follows: 

  1. White Sage + Red Bow + Schinus Molle Seeds
  2. White Sage + Cedar + Cinnamon Stick
  3. White Sage + Palm Leaf
  4. White Sage + Dollar Eucalyptus + Mullien + Red Leaf
  5. White Sage + Pink/Purple Lavender Flower + Baby Breath Flower
  6. White Sage + Mullein + Green/Red Leaf
  7. White Sage + Mini Bag of Cloves